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Every company provides different printing services; here is some information on the different types of services:

  • Digital Printing - Digital printing is a very effective way of printing as it's has a faster turnaround for time pressured jobs compared to litho printing. It contains variable data meaning personalisation can be possible.
  • Continuous Stationery - such as invoices and letterheads, printed on a long strip of paper that is often folded zigzag and is perforated so that it can be separated into sheets.
  • Books, Pads & Sets - Basic stationery
  • Laser Stationery - Laser cut stationery is very affordable and high quality
  • Business Cards - first impressions for a company are extremely important, with a high quality and beautifully designed business card you will be able to make a very good impression for yourself.
  • 3D printing -3D printing is a 3D printed object that has been created using an additive process. In the additive process the 3D object is created by laying down numerous layers of material until the object is formed.

There are so many fantastic printing companies out there that offer even more than what we have talked about today we think that this link will offer you more than we can explain about printing services. Prontaprint